Country Food

To enjoy a delicious, southern meal in a comfortable atmosphere, stop in at Marise Country Cooking!

Country Food

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Everyone has days when you just don’t feel like cooking for yourself or your family. There are other times when you probably want to plan a nice dinner out with friends - some place with a comfortable setting and great country food. You have to choose a restaurant that will have enough of a variety of foods that will please everyone. Furthermore, you want an eatery that delivers not only quality dishes, but can do so at reasonable prices.

If you are looking for this type of establishment in the Vienna, GA, area, Marise Country Cooking is the place to go. No other country food restaurant can offer healthy, tasty, and affordable dining like Marise Country Cooking. Regardless of what you want to eat or the size of your group, you can expect professional and friendly service from the staff while you are dining.

You will not find a better restaurant for a plate of ham, butter peas, and homemade cornbread. For those that might want some down-home country food, Marise Country Cooking is well-known for the best fried chicken in the area. After dinner, you can’t leave without taking pleasure in made-from-scratch desserts, such as sweet potato or lemon meringue pie. There is simply no better restaurant providing real country food than Marise Country Cooking.

If you want to avoid the headache that comes with trying to decide what to fix for dinner, choose Marise Country Cooking for a delectable country meal!